Adobe Illustrator

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Instructor By. Ali Haider
lesson. 150
Video Format. .MP4
DVDs. One
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Course Outline…!!!

 01. Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
01  Installation Adobe Illustrator 02  Remove Your Application Program
 02. Getting Started with Adobe Illustrator
03  Touring the Illustrator interface 04  Exploring the Illustrators Tools panel
05  Creating a new documents 06  Modifying and saving your documents
07  Setting up your Illustrator preferences    
 03. Navigating Your Documents
 08  Navigating a single document 09  Navigating multiple documents
10  Working with Illustrators panels 11  Building and saving your own workspace
12  Understanding screen modes 13  Creating and using custom views
14  Creating and using custom guides 15  Locking and hiding artwork
 04. Working with Art boards
16  Creating multi Artboard documents 17  Exploring the Artboards panel
18   Adding Artboards on the fly 19  Manipulating artboards with the Artboard tool
20  Exporting your artboards as files    
 05. Working with Layers
 21  Exploring the Layers panel 22  Creating and editing layers
23  Targeting objects inside the Layers panel 24  Working with sub layers
25  Hiding, locking, and deleting layers    
 06. Working with Type
26  Creating point and area type objects 27  Making basic edits with the Control panel
28  Exploring the type panels 29  Flowing text around objects
30  Setting type onto a path 31  Learning essential type shortcuts
32 Converting text into paths    
 07. Drawing Basic Shapes
33  Understanding vector paths 34  Drawing basic lines and curves
35  Drawing spirals 36  Drawing rectangles and ellipses
37  Drawing polygons and stars 38  Using the Pencil tool for freehand drawing
39  Modifying existing shapes and paths 40  Exploring Illustrators drawing modes
 08. Transforming Objects
41  Using the Direct Selection tool 42  Grouping objects together
43  Using isolation mode to edit grouped Artwork 44  Moving and duplicating objects
45  Scaling objects 46  Rotating objects
47  Distorting and transforming objects 48  Reflecting objects
 09. Working with Fills and Strokes
49  Adding color fills to your objects 50  Creating and using gradient fills
51  Adding strokes to your objects 52  Adding endpoints and dashed lines to your strokes
53  Adding gradient strokes to your objects 54  Creating variable width strokes
 10. Using the Appearance Panel
55  Exploring the Appearance panel 56  Attribute stacking order explained
57  Applying multiple fills and strokes 58  Working with live effects
59  Saving appearances as graphic styles    
 11.Working with Live Effects
 60  Basic of Illustrator Effects 61  Creating Effect with Multiple Stoke
62  Working with Graphic Style 63  Using Warp Text Effect
64  Creating Pattern with Transform and Distortion 65  Power of Expanding Content
66  Working With 3D Effects 67  Working With 3D Revolve
68  Working With Drop Shadow 69  Working With Photoshop Effect
 12. Creating Complex Shapes & Perspective
 70  Creating compound paths and shapes 71  Working with the Pathfinder panel
72  Using the Illustrator Brush tools 73  Using the Eraser tool
74  Creating artwork with the Shape Builder tool 75  Working with Perspective
76  Creating Building Structure with Perspective Grid 77  Decorate Building Structure with Perspective Grid
 13. Working with the Pen Tool
78  Pen tool basics 79  Drawing curves with the Pen tool
80  Drawing complete shapes with the Pen tool 81  Enabling and disabling the rubberband preview
82  Tracing exercise    
 14. Using Raster Graphics in Illustrator
83  Placing linked images into Illustrator 84  Working with the Links panel
85  Embedding images into your Illustrator documents 86  Using clipping masks
87  Using the Image Trace panel 88  Converting pixels into paths
 15. Using Symbols
89 Using Symbol 90  Using your Character as Symbol
91 Spraying-Shifting-Scrunching-Sizing of Symbols 92  Spinner-Stainer-Screener-Styler of Symbols
 16. Working with Diagram
 93  Creating Diagram in illustrator 94  Modify your Graph
95  Using Your Own Design in Graph    
 17. Printing and Exporting Artwork
96  Printing your artwork 97  Saving files for print using PDF
98  Packaging files for print production 99  Saving files for the web
100  Saving in legacy formats 101  Placing linked Illustrator files into Photoshop
102  Using Your Vector ArtWork at any where.    
 18. Working with Urdu Text In Illustrator
103  Downloading Fonts through Internet 104  Installation of Fonts In Fonts Directory
105  How to Import Urdu Text In Illustrator through Inpage Urdu 106  Modification of Your Imported Urdu Text
107  How to Install Pak Urdu Installer 108  Write & Modify Urdu Text through Pak Urdu Installer
 19. Adobe Illustrator Projects
 01   Visiting Card Sample I (Double Project) 02  Visiting Card Sample II (Double Project)
03  Visiting Card Sample III (Double Project) 04  Visiting Card Sample IV (Double Project)
05  Visiting Card Sample V (Double Project) 06  Tri Fold Broucher For Clinic (Double Project)
07  Tri Fold Broucher For Beverage (Double Project) 08  Bi Fold Broucher For Fashion (Double Project)
09  Design Web Banner for Pizza Hut (Double Project) 10  Design Web Banner for Telenor
11  Designing Panaflex in Urdu 12  I.D Card for School
13  Designing Certificate for Computer Institute 14  Design Attractive Letter Head
15  Design Envelope 16  Design Leaflet for Restaurant Deal
17  Design Poster For Construction Company 18  Poster Design for Independence Day
19  Creating Vector Cartoon Character Cockroach 20  Creating Vector Cartoon Character Blossom
21  Creating Vector Cartoon Character Pink Panther 22  Creating T-Shirt Mock Up
23  Logo & Labels Design (15 Projects New Logo Ideas ) 24  Working with 3D Design (3 Projects Best Ideas)
25  Create Landscape Scene in illustrator