Civil Quantity Surveyor

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Course Outline…!!!!

 01-Chapter-About course
00  Introduction
 02-Chapter-unit of work
01  straight wall  02  L shape wall I
03  L shape wall II 04  F shape wall 
05  E shape wall I 06  E shape wall II
07  H shape wall I 08  O shape wall I
09  Ellipse wall
 03-Chapter-single Room Qty
10  Room with long-short wall I  11  Room with long-short wall II
 04-Chapter-Complete qty of Building
12  Building with long-short wall method I 13  Building with long-short wall method II
14  Building with long-short wall method III 15  Building with long-short wall method IV
16  Building with long-short wall method V
 05-Chapter-Complete Qty by Center line Method
17  Building with center line method
 06-Chapter-Abstract of Cost
18  Abstract of cost
 07-Chapter-Analysis of Material
19  Masonary 20  PCC-RCC
21  Plaster 22  Marbel tile floor
23  White wash
 08-Chapter-Material Statement
24  Material Statement Work
 09-Chapter-Bar Bending Schedule
25  Slab 26  Beam I
27  Beam II 28  Column+footing I
29  Column+footing II 30  Circular slab I
31  Circular slab II
 10-Chapter-Stairs Qty and Cost
32  straight stair qty 33  straight stair cost
34  circular stair
 11-Chapter-Frame Structure
35  Frame str I 36  Frame str II
37  Frame str III
 12-Chapter-Slanting Roofs.Dome.Shell.Arches Analysis
38  Dome 39  Shell
40  Inclined Roof 41  Arch
 13-Chapter-Road Structure
42   Road I 43  Road II
44  Excavation 45  PCC
46  Stone Work in Piers 47  Stone work in Abutment-wing wall
48  RCC in beams and deck slab 49  Rcc work in post railing and wearing coat
50  Railing and kerb barrier 51  Steel analysis for RCC work
 15-Chapter-Steel roof Trusses
52  Main members 53  Gusset plates and rivets
54  Purlin 55  C.G.I sheets
56  Base plates-U shape stud 57  Paint 2xcoats
58  Sewerage line
 16-Chapter-Sanitary and Water Supply
59  Septick tank 60  Under ground water tank
 17-Chapter-Mega Project 
61  Intro-center line 62  L of center line and excavation
63  Pcc-bw in f-p 64  DPC-BW in Super Structure
65  RCC-Plaster 66  Roof slab-plastr of roof slab-approach stairs
67  Floors-white wash